Disruption & Innovation: Reshaping Regional Supply Chains

On 15 September 2021, Asialink Business, in partnership with Toll Group, launched a new report, which analyses the structural pressures on supply chains and argues that technology, innovation, and e-commerce will be key to building sustainable and resilient supply networks



Supply chains have come under immense strain in the last two years, primarily due to geopolitical tensions in the region and the impact of COVID-19. These factors have resulted in rising costs, shipping delays, fluctuating inventory levels and business disruption.

These rolling crises have driven many businesses to re-assess lowest cost, just-in-time logistics and build greater resilience into their supply chains.

To remain globally competitive, businesses need to understand how supply chains in Asia are evolving and respond accordingly.


Disruption & Innovation: Reshaping Regional Supply Chains identifies four key trends that are impacting regional supply chains:

  1. To manage an increasingly uncertain environment, businesses are diversifying suppliers, onshoring production and increasing inventories.
  2. E-commerce is creating pressures and opportunities. Driven by Asia’s e-commerce boom, consumers expect their goods delivered more quickly and reliably than ever.
  3. Businesses that invest now in new technologies, such as automation, smart sensors, and data analytics, will be better prepared to integrate with rapidly evolving regional distribution networks. 
  4. Evolving consumer expectations around environmental sustainability and social impact will continue to change how businesses engage suppliers in the region.


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