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Document delivery that’s fast, secure and cost-effective.

Toll’s DX Mail is Australia’s only national document exchange service, and provides fast, secure and accurate delivery of your documents. Our extensive air and road network enables us to deliver more than 100,000 DX Mail documents every business day.

DX Mail membership enables you to send documents to other business members via a network of conveniently located document exchanges throughout Australia, with documents generally delivered by 9am the next business day.  You can also send business documents internationally with our DX International service.

Our DX mail services are currently used by over 20,000 members from a broad range of sectors including legal, financial, insurance and government.

Why use DX Mail?

Simple - there is no stamping, franking or postage calculation on any of your DX Mail. 

Secure - our highly secure DX Mail business delivery network is so secure that it's used by both Federal and State Courts and Police services around Australia,. All documents are securely transported by authorised DX staff that have undergone extensive security checks. 

Fast - our extensive fleet and mail sorting centres have been designed to process your mail as quickly as possible, with delivery to your DX Box or business before 9am as standard. Choose from standard delivery times or immediate delivery via the self-lodge option, plus enjoy our flexible and convenient pick-up and lodgement services.

Service first - the DX team is here to support our members. When you join DX you have access to a dedicated business account manager, plus support from our ‘members only’ priority customer service team.

DX Tracked Mail

Our suite of business mail products cater for all documents and levels of priority. If you need extra visibility over important documents, we also provide a range of tracked mail services. Simply choose your service level:

DX Express - if you’re looking for a cost-effective express mail service, DX Express offers overnight delivery to business and residential street addresses within Australia.

  • Choose from a range of sizes including DLX, C5 and B4 envelopes, as well as 1, 3 and 5 kg satchels – you can use our DX Order Form XLSX 41 KB to purchase these.
  • Simply lodge at your DX Exchange. Or you can organise a regular pickup to make it even easier
  • Tracking and delivery information is available for your document in real-time via our online Track and Trace tool.

DX Premium - a barcode tracking service that provides ultimate peace of mind for the delivery of your highly sensitive documents.

  • Deliveries are overnight intrastate and to capital cities and major regional exchanges in other states. 
  • Choose from 1, 3 and 5kg satchels or DLX and C4 envelopes – use the DX Order Form XLSX 41 KB to purchase your DX Premium stationery.

Tracking your DX Premium delivery:

  • Online tracking is available on your documents from the moment they’re collected to the time they arrive at their destination. Data from each scan is automatically transferred to our system, so that you can view the exact location of your documents. Simply enter your 'peel off' barcode reference number (located on your DX Premium product) into our online tracking system.
  • If you have lodged your DX Premium direct at an exchange, you can track the pickup and clearance times of your DX Mail Exchange (a Member Login is required to access this feature)

DX International – sending your confidential or valuable documents internationally has never been easier. Our DX International service delivers your business documents worldwide to both business and residential street addresses.

  • Simply lodge your DX International at your local Document Exchange or arrange for a Clear and Lodge pick-up directly from your office.
  • Available for delivery of documents only – this enables us to prioritise your delivery through our global network and minimise the requirements for additional customs documentation and processing.
  • Tracking and delivery information is available in real-time via our online Track and Trace tool.
Mail Services

We offer our DX members a range of supporting services that help you to manage your office mail and direct marketing communications:

DX Clear & Lodge - reliable and convenient mail lodgement and collection without leaving your office.

  • Use our Clear & Lodge service for both your DX and your Australia Post mail.
  • Your incoming mail is cleared from your exchange or PO Box by our DX Mail courier, who then delivers it at an agreed time.
  • At the end of the day, our DX Mail courier service clears your outgoing mail, lodging it in our secure sorting centre. We also collect your Australia Post Mail and lodge it at the appropriate mail centre.
  • Where possible we offer extended lodgement times so you don’t have to rush to meet mail and Post Office deadlines.

DX Concierge - we can assist you with your mailing campaign from start to finish.

  • Our DX Concierge mail house service makes data preparation, printing, fulfilment and lodgement in mail networks easy.
  • Use DX Concierge to assist with any type of mail-out, from customer notifications and marketing campaigns to change-of-address notifications and invoicing.
  • Your DX Account Manager will look after your campaign and ensure your mail-out is lodged on-budget and on-time.

DX Bulk Mail - whether your business is large or small, our DX Bulk Mail service can provide you with a convenient and cost effective mail solution:

  • Rapid distribution and discounts for the delivery of large amounts of mail.
  • Perfectly suited to sending direct mail, publications, accounts, statements, prospectus documents, annual reports, newsletters, magazines.
  • Works in conjunction with major mailing houses to arrange preparation, addressing and sorting of mail for the DX network.
  • Our database conversion and matching service can take your existing mailing list and add the DX addresses instead of postal addresses. This means that your regular mailing can also benefit from the economies of DX Mail delivery, saving you time and money.
DX Stationery

Our exclusive stationery products make it easy to address, secure and lodge your DX mail for the fastest possible transit times. They can be purchased using our DX Order Form XLSX 41 KB.

Products that you can order include:

  • Delivery via DX labels - special labels providing clear identification of your DX mail to prevent items getting mixed up with normal Australia Post mail.
  • DX Envelopes - available in DLX or C4 sizes, these envelopes make it easy for your staff to identify and lodge your DX mail.  Featuring a space for your company stamp, they can be ordered in either a plain-faced or window format.
  • DX Mail Satchels - our strong and secure satchels can carry up to 5kg in weight and are a great alternative to paper wrapping or large envelopes. Featuring a distinctive DX Mail logo for easy identification, the satchels prompt your staff on how to correctly fill out the address and sender details. They're also perfect for sending legal documents, brochures and inter-office files.
  • DX Mail PrePaid to 15kg Label - for parcels that weight more than 5kg (and are not covered by the membership fee) members can use our PrePaid to 15kg labels. These labels provide clear identification of your parcel, which is delivered as per the standard DX Mail.
  • DX Dymo LabelWriter- enables you to print mailing labels to our specifications, saving you time and effort when preparing your outgoing mail. Use it to print mailing labels one-at-a-time as well as directly from our DX Addressing Tool software.
DX Membership

Due to the sensitive nature of many of the documents we deliver, DX Mail is a members-only service.  Members pay an annual subscription to transfer documents via our priority overnight service to a network of conveniently located document exchanges throughout Australia.

Membership benefits:

  • As part of your annual membership fee, you can send an unlimited number of items of up to 5kg within your own state.
  • We will provide you with access to DX mailing training materials and tools to assist your staff to use your membership effectively.
  • Your DX account manager can provide on-site training for your staff.


To ensure receive the full benefits of your membership it is recommended that staff undergo DX training. You DX Account Manager will be able to provide on-site training sessions for your staff.

DX Training Packs

As a DX member you will also receive DX training packs which contain, guides, tools and samples to help your staff lean more about how to use the DX network effectively.

When should you include DX training?

  • On-site training can be undertaken at regular intervals throughout the year.
  • New staff will be provided with a DX training pack during their induction.

DX Member Guide

The guide will assist you in understanding how DX Mail works. You will be able to access the guide via a member login, which will be provided to you when you become a DX Mail member.

To become a DX member simply contact us and one of our account managers will contact you to confirm your membership.

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