Cyber Incident Notification for Former Toll Employees

In early May 2020, we noticed unexpected activity on our IT systems which we confirmed to be a cyber attack.  We took immediate steps to disable our systems and implement heightened security. We are working closely with independent experts and authorities to investigate and remediate the issue.

We have started to contact individuals, including current and former employees, who we believe may have been impacted by this incident. Please note we do not believe this incident affects casual employees.

If you are a former employee who joined Toll after 1 August 2014 and have since changed your address, please provide your details and we will contact you via email within 48 hours. We will advise you whether, at this stage in our investigation, we believe that your information might have been impacted and, if so, what categories of information were involved.

Your Details

We are collecting your personal information to provide you with further information relating to a cyber incident. Collection of this personal information is not required by law.  However, if you do not provide the information we may not be able to contact you to provide support services and resources.  We will manage and collect your information in accordance with Toll Group's Privacy Policy, which is available here. If you would like to contact us about this collection of your personal information, please contact us at [email protected]