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Filled with news, insights and interviews, Toll’s Future Logistics Hub is your look into the world of logistics. Join us as we delve into current issues and trends in supply chain, innovation and e-commerce.

How are businesses building sustainable and responsible supply chains?

Toll’s Sea-Air Product and Global Sustainability Lead Stuart Gerrett and Toll’s Chief Enterprise Services Officer, Ajit Venugopal, discuss how a changing landscape and consumer awareness are building sustainable and responsible supply chains.

The market outlook for global ocean freight

Toll’s ocean freight expert, Peter Simmonds, and Lars Jensen, CEO and Partner of Vespucci Maritime, discuss what’s behind rising ocean freight costs and what businesses can do to plan for contingencies.

Disruption & Innovation: Reshaping Regional Supply Chains

Toll Group's Managing Director Thomas Knudsen and Executive Vice President - Asia and Global Logistics, Victor Tan, discuss supply chain and shipping disruption with Super Retail Group's Kelli Eaton and Foodbuy's Andrew Brightmore.

Preparing for the world’s most complex product launch

It’s the most complex product launch ever and Toll’s Head of Innovation & Product Development Peter Carney explains how speed and planning are key to the successful rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine

How COVID-19 has accelerated China Plus One

As vulnerabilities of the once unquestionably reliable Chinese manufacturing supply chain are exposed, companies are looking for alternatives. Toll’s Rajeev Sood, Senior Vice President ASEAN & Indian Subcontinent explains how to accelerate your China Plus One strategy with strategic partnerships.

COVID forces supply chain rethink for businesses

A global survey from Toll reveals nearly 50% of businesses have experienced problems with production and distribution because of COVID-19, forcing them to alternatives as they plan for the new normal.

6 tips to help you nail peak retail

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned this year it’s to expect the unexpected and there’s more of that to come as retailers prepare for peak. Toll’s eCommerce experts Claire Malcolmson and Robert Charles share their tips to help retailers get through the peak period from Singles Day right through to Lunar New Year.

How to delight customers from digital to delivery

Ecommerce has accelerated in unimaginable ways– driving not only technology but also consumer expectations. Toll’s global eCommerce experts explain how consumers want choice, communication, flexibility, and control – almost a personalised supply chain.

UK businesses preparing for post-BREXIT trade

As ‘Brexit’ negotiations between the United Kingdom and European Union slowly move forward ahead of the 31 December deadline, much of the discussion on the periphery is turning towards preparing to do business in a new trading environment.

COVID-19 driving change across the shipping industry

Toll’s ocean freight specialist Peter Simmonds and Shane Walden of ANL Container Line, discuss the challenges and opportunities of the past 12 months and the way COVID changed the shipping industry.

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