Unloading containers from a Toll truck

Intermodal & Multimodal

We can combine transport modes across our network to carry cargo by air, road, rail and sea – delivering flexible, cost effective freight transport solutions for our customers.

Our experience in designing and implementing customised end-to-end supply chains for our customers means that regardless of your specific freight transport requirements, we can provide you with an intermodal solution to meet your needs.

Using varying transport modes across your supply chain can reduce logistics costs, improve operational efficiencies and improve your speed to market. Your choice of service will depend on your budget and how quickly you need your freight delivered.

We have the fleet capacity and the infrastructure to offer flexible freight transport options – with a range of configurations available we’re able to deliver intermodal solutions that are both cost effective and environmentally sound.


Our sea-air solutions combine the strengths of air and sea freight to save both time and cost.

Your cargo will be taken via container vessel to one of our global transit hubs where goods are transferred to airfreight pallets. Your shipment is then carried by air to the airport closest to the destination address and delivered by truck.

Sea-Air can be up to 80% faster than ocean freight for a fraction of the cost. Our team will help you assess the best solution for you in order to streamline your supply chain requirements.


Our sea-rail solutions allow cargo to be carried quickly overland and economically delivered internationally via our rail and ocean freight networks.

Throughout the process, our professional teams oversee and coordinate the transfer of shipments between transport modes to ensure your cargo reaches its destination promptly and in good condition.

You are kept up to date with your shipment’s progress through our state of the art technology and global sea and rail freight teams.                                                                                                                                                           

Freight types we move

The flexibility of combining multiple transport modes means that generally all freight – almost any size, configuration and type – can be shipped via an intermodal network. Some restrictions will exist if using air transport in your intermodal freight solutions.

From fragile and high-value goods to dangerous goods and bulk commodities, we can design an intermodal transport plan to suit your needs – contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Why choose Toll for your intermodal freight services?

We work hard to deliver optimal logistics solutions to our customers, strengthening our core service offerings with innovative technology, facilities and systems that help to provide your business with a competitive advantage.

In addition to providing tailored intermodal transport solutions that meet your individual needs, we also offer a range of value add services, including:

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