Liquid Distribution

We provide safe and reliable delivery of liquid materials, using our specialised fleet of modern tankers and vessels to carry non-hazardous and dangerous goods across regions, countries and the globe.

We specialise in bulk liquid transport and storage, providing our customers within the mining, defence, oil and gas, agricultural and utilities industries with customised solutions to move and store both dangerous and non-hazardous materials.

Our vehicles, vessels and containers used in the transport and storage of bulk liquids adhere to the highest health and safety regulations, ensuring the safe transport of dangerous chemicals and the hygienic transport of liquid food products.

We carry high-volume liquid shipments via road and sea, tailoring our distribution services to our customers’ needs. Our modern fleet and leading-edge technology systems enable us to monitor liquid freight in transit, and provide the flexibility to calculate the most efficient route for every shipment.

Our liquid distribution services

  • cartage of bulk liquids including chemicals and other dangerous goods
  • transportation of gas products
  • fuel distribution
  • distribution of non-hazardous liquids including food and beverage products
  • remote area logistics
  • specialised handling of bulk liquids during transit, and also when loading and unloading

Types of liquids we move

Hazardous goods

  • bulk chemicals
  • fuel (petrol and diesel)
  • crude oil
  • cyanide
  • chemical fertilizers
  • lubricants
  • industrial gases
  • Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (SSAN)

Non-hazardous goods

  • food and beverage products

Why choose Toll for your liquid distribution services?

Our liquids distribution and storage capabilities are supported by a wide range of value-add services that enable us to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions for our customers.

Choosing Toll for your liquid distribution provides you with:

  • high-quality food and chemical grade ISO tanks for transport and storage
  • supply chain logistics to support your liquid distribution
  • secure freight delivery
  • dangerous goods transport and storage including SSAN storage facilities and plant management
  • flexible collection times
  • consultancy services for the development of inbound, outbound and onsite transport of chemicals to remote mine sites
  • trained operators with experience in bulk transport of non-hazardous and dangerous liquids

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