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We provide efficient, secure transport services for a wide range of palletised freight – from fast moving consumer goods to dangerous goods – for one-off or regular deliveries.

We offer freight services for palletised freight within Australia and within New Zealand. Standard pallets used in Australia and New Zealand measure 1.2 metres × 1.2 metres. The maximum height for a loaded pallet is 2.4 metres. The maximum consignment weight for a single pallet is 1150 kilograms.

We also offer transport services for palletised freight in selected locations across Asia, Europe, the United States and Canada. We can handle all sanctioned ISO pallet sizes used around the world (ISO Standard 6780:2003).

Please note: While some restrictions exist for transporting dangerous and hazardous materials via our air freight network, we have the capability to move your consignments across the world via our sea, rail and road networks. We are fully certified to carry dangerous goods in accordance with IATA, ICAO and CASA.

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