Toll tanker and fire extinguisher

Moving Dangerous Goods

We are able to transport all nine classes of dangerous goods across our global network via air, sea, road and rail – providing safe, secure freight services for hazardous substances.

We transport dangerous goods across our global network, subject to carriers’ acceptance, adhering to rigorous standards to ensure the health and safety of staff and the general public. Our specialised vehicles and expertly trained staff enable us to transport all nine classes of dangerous goods, complying with the regional, national and international regulatory schemes applicable in the communities we work in.

While some restrictions exist for transporting dangerous and hazardous materials via our air freight network, we have the capability to move your consignments across the world via our searail and road networks.

Why choose Toll for moving dangerous goods?

We work hard to deliver optimal logistics solutions to our customers, strengthening our core service offerings with accreditations, facilities and systems that enable the safe transport of hazardous substances.

  • We are fully certified to carry dangerous goods via our road, air, rail and sea networks in accordance with IATA , ICAO and CASA
  • We have more than 20 years’ experience transporting dangerous goods around the world
  • We are a member of ADGATC (Australian Dangerous Goods by Air Transport Council)
  • We provide specialty consignment notes that identify special freight to help staff in identify specific items
  • We employ fully accredited and certified staff able to train you and your staff in IATA DG standards
  • We provide one-stop turnkey dangerous goods solutions for your cargoes (packaging, labelling, document, classification)

Our dangerous goods freight services

We offer specialised logistics services for the safe and secure movement, handling and storage services of dangerous goods, including:

  • transportation
  • containerisation/packaging
  • labelling
  • documentation
  • consultancy
  • customs clearance and international freight forwarding arrangements

We also have state of the art dangerous goods storage facilities at key locations across the globe – contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll work with you to find a solution for the transport and storage of your dangerous goods.

Types of dangerous goods we move

 We can move a wide range of dangerous goods throughout our global network, including:

  • bulk chemicals
  • fuel (petrol and diesel)
  • crude oil
  • cyanide
  • chemical fertilizers
  • lubricants
  • gases
  • Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (SSAN)
  • explosives
  • flammable liquids and solids
  • oxidising substances
  • corrosive substances
  • organic peroxides

Contact us

Contact us for more information about our dangerous goods freight capabilities, or to discuss how we can support your business.