My Transport Service

My Transport Service

My Transport Service consolidates transport service offerings across the Toll Group on a single online platform, helping our customers simplify their transport models and improve efficiencies.

At Toll, we serve an enormously diverse range of customers across many sectors. Many of our customers have highly complex supply chain needs supported by equally complex transport models. They’re looking for ways to improve efficiencies across their supply chain and reduce costs while retaining flexibility and making absolutely sure they meet their delivery promises to their own customers.

If you’re a new or existing contracted Toll customer with an annual transport spend of $2 million or more, this is where My Transport Service comes in.

The My Transport Service solution

We developed My Transport Service (MTS) specifically to help our customers simplify their transport models, with a focus on cost reduction, network efficiencies, flexibility and overall service delivery improvement.

MTS is a cloud-based transport management solution that consolidates the broad range of transport services offered across the Toll Group and makes them available to customers via a single online platform.

It allows customers in Australia to take advantage of Toll’s considerable supply chain expertise and fleet capabilities across the entire Toll Group of businesses to extract the best possible transport solution – a solution that can be customised to accommodate their own unique business requirements.

MTS offers several different solutions, depending on your business needs. We can provide options for:

  • building and planning optimised loads
  • selecting the best service provider
  • consolidated billing – you can choose to receive a single invoice for all Toll services

How MTS works

Once your MTS transport model has been set up to your specific requirements, all you need to do is provide your order requirements via our cloud-based platform – locations, delivery timeframes, freight weight and types.

The MTS system will do the rest, from selecting the best and most cost-efficient delivery service across the Toll network through to generating the required labels, consignment notes and manifests.

The benefits of using MTS

  • Solutions are scalable for large and medium operations
  • Complete end-to-end load planning and optimisation solutions focused on efficiency and cost reduction
  • Full integration with your businesses ERP and WMS systems
  • The best and most cost effective service type to move your freight is allocated, based on customer business rules
  • The MTS system will electronically send details to all service provider systems and generate the documentation required to support the delivery of your goods, including labels, consignment notes and manifests  
  • Access to our online track and trace tool – you can monitor your consignments at any time
  • Single consolidated invoice from all Toll service providers
  • Access to reporting tools –  you’ll have a high level of visibility over the performance of your transport solution
  • Dedicated customer service including direct access for system support

Find out more about the practical benefits of using MTS from our video:

Who uses MTS?

MTS is completely scalable so it can be used by large companies with complex transport requirements through to smaller organisations that only need to use a handful of delivery service providers. MTS is being used by customers across a broad range of industries – for example, retail, FMCG, online merchants, mining, spare parts, manufacturing.

There really is no limit – talk to us about how MTS can help you.