Resources and Industrials

Servicing your needs through an integrated end-to-end global supply chain ​


Resources and Industrials provide integrated logistics solutions to the Australian market by offering a wide range of services to major industries. ​

​These involve value-based products that prioritise operational efficiency and savings while being environmentally conscious and sustainable. ​

​Our customers, employees, and communities rightly expect us to do what we can to make a positive contribution towards a more sustainable future. As a leading transport and logistics company with operations across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America we recognise the role we have to play in moving the businesses that move the world. 

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Our Specialised Services

Minerals, Oil and Gas

We provide integrated services to the mining and resources sector across inbound, onsite services and outbound segments of the mining logistics chain. Toll is also recognised as an Oil and Gas industry…

Fuels and Gases

Our bulk distribution capabilities cover the transport of jet, avgas, gas and chemicals. Our trained drivers are qualified to safely and efficiently deliver.


Toll offers comprehensive and adaptable logistics support that can handle a diverse range of transport and warehousing services to meet Steel industry requirements.


Toll offers a diverse range of services, including bulk road tanker transport for high consequence dangerous goods.

Paper, Plastics and Glass

Toll has specialised equipment to provide services for the paper, plastics and glass industries. We operate key major facilities focused on providing packaged and logistics services.​