Supporting our customers’ success in e-commerce in China

Consumers worldwide spent nearly US$3.46 trillion online in 2019. When it comes to eCommerce, Asia is the market to be in with Southeast Asia being one of the fastest growing regions according to Euromonitor. 

In January 2020, Toll Group invested a significant amount to redesign the process and enhance our inventory management system to better support the pace and volume needed for eCommerce transactions. By scaling up our service offering, we are able to grow together with our customers to meet the heightened demand.  

With the improved capability to track, pick and pack at a much faster pace, and the ability to provide lifecycle traceability, Toll is able to extend the end-to-end offering into the eCommerce landscape. The process can start from the collection of raw materials from the manufacturer, cross-border into the destination region, storage, break bulk, repacking and/or relabelling, all the way to distribution to stores and homes. Additionally, the team also synchronised backend elements to allow orders to flow through directly from the end customer via common online marketplaces like Alibaba, Flipkart and Lazada. 

This B2C capability, together with our existing B2B service offering, allows our customers to be able to manage a consolidated inventory under one roof for better visibility of their goods across our network. This reduces the need to facilitate additional warehouse space for B2C volume, reducing overall distribution cost.  

 “The campaign was launched in China around the same time that the Covid-19 virus started spreading in the region. The team pulled together amid the uncertainty within the nation and successfully delivered results”, says Victor Tan, Executive Vice President – Asia, Global Logistics, Toll Group.  

With greater synergy between teams and improved inventory accuracy, this arrangement allowed us to pass on savings to our customer by reducing distribution costs and transition lead time.  

The success of this project paves the way for eCommerce opportunities in the region as we expand our reach in Asia. 

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